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1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are stored in your computer or mobile device and contain a particular set of data which our web-site may send to your browser. Cookies may be stored in the hard drive of your computer and are accessible to our web-server. These cookie data may be extracted and allow us to adjust our web-pages and services accordingly.

2. How do our Websites use cookies and other tracking technologies?

The Company uses cookies and other tracking technologies to identify you and your interests by recording your preferences and tracking how our Website is used. We also use cookies and other technologies to control access to certain content on our Website, to protect the Website and to process all your queries.

Our partners help us service advertising and analytical companies, such as Google Analytics, who can also place cookies in your computer. Please read their confidentiality policies to make sure that you understand the principle of using cookies.

3. Purpose

We use cookie data in connection with the activities of our Company and various solutions and services that we offer. Moreover, we use cookies to prepare statistics which, for instance, may be used to improve the work of our website in accordance with your queries. Some cookies are used in our marketing.

Cookies may not be used for your identification and we cannot use information about the websites visited from your computer. The Company uses data only in compliance with applicable law.

4. Consent to the use of cookies

When using one of our websites or applications for the first time, you will see a cookie notice. You agree to the use of cookies by pressing the AGREE button. If you do not activate/press this button, you will not give your consent and no cookies will placed except for those which are necessary for the functioning of our websites. Nonetheless, we memorise your choice and when you visit the website next time, no other cookies will be used unless you press AGREE.

5. How can I decline or withdraw my consent for using cookies?

You can send us a message or adjust your e-mail programme to switch off the function allowing to download remote images and refrain from clicking any links in your e-mails.

6. Contact us:

If you have any other questions about our Cookie Policy, please contact us at

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